Globally, an estimated 322 million people of all ages suffer from depression. This represents over 4% of the global population. In China, more than 54 million people (4.2% of the population) suffer from depression. --WHO CHINA OFFICE FACT SHEET

‘Uncloud’ is a conceptual installation that is designed for school students. It is supposed to be an accessible, affordable and easy-to-assemble installation that could be placed on school campuses. The main function of it is to monitor students mental states and give them support.


Chinese students are going through more pressure nowadays. According to a survey conducted by Chinese Children Center, there are more than 30 million Chinese middle school students are troubled by mental disorders, 5.2% of them are severely mentally ill. However, they might find themselves have no place to turn to. School psychological consultation room is rare in cities other than Beijing and Shanghai. Some of the students are not willing to seek help from family members either. If students cannot get proper mental support, eventually they become mentally ill.


I wish to provide students with a space that makes them physically feel comfortable, as well as provide psychological consultation to alleviate their stress. The outward appearance of this installation should have no corner, indicating the subject is harmless as well as accessible.


The structure is made of PVC, a material that is affordable and easy to get, also, in some way, makes the installation easy to construct. Secondly, for its operating system, I designed a set of space and lighting modes. The inside is covered by various bubbles, when no one uses, it stays at default mode. During the session, space will be automatically changing itself according to the user’s poses. Also, its lighting can be changed as well. During daytime, the light will be charged by solar energy. When being used, it will be changing according to the environmental requirements of the session. Since AI technology is developing rapidly worldwide, it is also introduced to this installation, as the main method to conduct the consultancy. With the support of AI, schools will not be worried about their ability to afford a psychiatric, meanwhile, students could go there whenever they want.